Eric Matthews 'Cabin Fever Classics'

If you haven't heard of Eric Matthews, Head Chef at Chapter One Restaurant, his partner Ciara Donnelly and their 'Cabin Fever Classic' cook-along videos, lucky you! You can now binge watch all 100+ Instagram Stories and IGTV videos.

Featuring a litany of classic recipes with the crucial Ciara behind the camera, production and general keeping things orderly... Ciara and Eric are a tonic of a cook-along couple, so it's no surprise Eric got down on one knee and they're tying the knot in 2021! or 2022, we'll see how '21 goes 

With that, we'll be adding packs from Eric's back catalogue and new recipes over the coming months, so you can easily get your-cook-on and do it like the professionals.

Links to the Instagram Story and IGTV Cook-Alongs below:


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Pulled Pork Amish Roll - Ingredient Pack
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