Setting up your Subscription 

1 - Pick your Essential Produce-  each item in our produce section has the option to be purchased as a once-off or on subscription. You can also choose your frequency, such as; every week, second week or three weeks. 

2 - Pick your Delivery Day - at check-out you choose delivery option ' Essentials' and then the day you would like delivery, w will then deliver on the same. day each week for future deliveries. 

Weekly Add-ons and Payments

On Monday at 8am each week you will receive an email confirming your delivery for that week.

At this point you can change amounts in your current subscription or add-on new items by picking more produce and going to check-out.

At check out choose delivery method ' Essentials'

The deadline for changes is 9pm on Monday for delivery that week. 

You can make changes at any point before that by going to the Subscription Portal or putting in an order and choosing Essentials as your delivery method.


Your Essentials will be delivered in a cold-box, left on your doorstep before 7am.

Apartment Blocks with limited access - Many of our customers will ask us to leave their box in the lobby of their apartment block. On the Cart Page you can add 'Order Instructions' to your order and at this point share a door code and the place to leave your box.

Dogs - If you have a sensitive dog, feel free to leave a note so we can tell our driver to be extra quiet when dropping off your box. This way we don't wake them up and they won't wake you.