Bronze Free-Range Turkey from Ballybryan Farm

Size: 6-7 kg
Sale price€92,00


*Turkeys ready for collection/delivery from the 22nd of December.

Bronze Turkeys from Ballybryan Farm

After starting out with just 50 Turkeys, Ger and Paula of Ballybryan now raise around 650 birds every year. In order to provide a natural and healthy source of food for the Turkeys the decision was made to grow an orchard. This proved successful and with more apples than the Turkeys could eat, Ger and Paula started juicing the excess apples.

Contrary to popular misconception, the meat from a bronze turkey isn't dark, the turkey is called 'Bronze' due to the bronze colouring present on the bird's breast feathers - the meat is actually a winter white colour.  

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