Champagne Ham from Salters Free-Range Farm

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7kg - Leg of Ham

Salters Free Range Farm is a family owned business, operated by Ola and Thomas Salter.
This historic farm, located in the heart of County Carlow, traces its origins back to the early 17th century. The original farmhouse has been home to members of the Salter Family since 1625.

Thomas grew up on the farm surrounded by nature where he developed a keen interest in animal husbandry and farming. Unlike modern, intensive farms, the Salters have always farmed in a much more traditional way. Their farm was home to a wide range of animals including; pigs, cattle, sheep, geese, ducks, chickens, horses, donkeys and even a peacock.

Thomas has been involved in pig rearing since he was a young boy when his father, George, bought him a red Tamworth sow at the Carlow Mart. The pig, who he named Dories, became more of a family pet and taught Thomas how to combine farming with a deep respect for animal welfare.

Thomas met Ola, a native of Poland while she was working as an au-pair. The couple met at a wedding and married in 2010. They decided to rekindle the centuries old family traditions and bring the Salter Family Farm back to life.

For six generations, the Salters have been making sausages on their family farm. As a child, Thomas grew up working with his uncle, blending spices and dry curing meat. Today a new generation of our family brings a taste of that age-old Irish culinary tradition to your family’s table with our 100% Irish, Free Range Pork Sausages, Christmas Geese and an expanding range of traditionally produced, free range products.

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