Mae Ploy - Massaman Curry Paste

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The Mae Ploy Massaman (Matsaman) Curry Paste is the most important ingredient of one of the most favourite and unique Thai dishes called the Matsaman curry soup. The curry paste is a distinctive blend of spice and several natural components.

Lemongrass 22.0%, Garlic 19.0%, Dried red chilli 14.0%, Shallot 14.0%, Salt 12.0%, Galangal 7.5%, Shrimp paste (Shrimp 80.0%, Salt) 5.0%, Coriander seed 3.3%, Cumin 1.0%, Kaffir lime peel 1.0%, Cardamom 0.5%, Cinnamon 0.5%, Nutmeg 0.2%.


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