Pulled Pork Amish Roll - Ingredient Pack

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Ingredient pack feeds 4 People with some extra produce ///

Unmeasured Extra Produce: Pickle House - Bottle of Pickle Juice, Organic Eggs, Kerrygold Butter, Ballymaloe House Mayonnaise, Tomatoe Ketchup

Cook-along on Eric Matthews Instagram ///

Pork Butt 1kg
Smoked Paprika  20g 
Chipotle Powder 20g 
BBQ Sauce
Ginger  100gm
Ketchup  300gm
Pickle Juice 150gm
Sugar  200gm
Habanero Chili’s  2
Chipotle Powder  20gm
Shallots  3
Cloves of Garlic  5
Cherry Tomatoes  6
Amish Roll
Organic Eggs  2
Sugar 67gm
Salt 12gm
Butter, softened 85gm
Mashed Potatoes (Unmashed) 213gm
Strong Flour 510gm
Yeast  20gm
Carrots 2
Red Cabbage  150gm
Onion  1
Mayonaisse 100gm
Pickle Juice  25ml

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