St. Tola Log (120g)

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St. Tola Log Original 120gm

St Tola Original

This is a 120g slice of our classic St Tola Log.  It is a firm white cheese with a golden rind and ideal for cooking or as an addition to any cheeseboard. 

Milk: Pasteurised
Weight: 120g
Shelf Life: 35 days from production

"All of our cheeses are best stored between 4-7 degrees Celsius (38-45F). To enjoy them at their fullest, always bring to room temperature before serving as this brings out the full flavours of the cheese.

Once opened up the Original and Divine should be eaten within 3 days. The log and the crottin will last longer as they will mature on and improve with age!

Our cheeses behave like living organisms and as they mature they become more distinctive in flavour. They will continue to mature in your premises if stored properly. Please store in cheese paper or greaseproof paper - not cling film!

We do not create a synthetic rind to put on our soft St. Tola range (logs, crottin and slices). Instead, we develop a natural geotritum mould rind and this grows as the cheese matures. It works to protect the cheese and enhance the flavour. As in all good artisanal cheeses, other natural moulds, usually green or blue, may also develop, but these cause no harm. The rind is just removed before the cheese is consumed or used for cooking."

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