Contadini - Pomodori al Sole (Sun Dried Cherry Tomatoes)

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Contadini - Pomodori al Sole (Sun Dried Cherry Tomatoes)

"The sun-dried long tomatoes are typical of the Mediterranean diet in South Italy. Eaten with wheat bread, the good smell of fresh mint, hot chilli pepper and garlic is a real delight. If accompanied with other greens, they become an excellent hors d’oeuvre. Very tasty on pizza. Many chefs also use them to create an original first course or for vegetable dishes. Inside them, there’s all the taste of our southern sun!

All our products are farmed with the integrated production technique on open field. Our hand picking allows us to make a first selection on site; and immediately after, the vegetables are transported to the facility to be processed. The processing is carried out strictly according to the tradition of Salento, then the vegetables are dried in the sun and salted. 

Top of the range sun dried tomatoes preserved in olive oil. Add to your salad or give your dishes a kick of flavour!

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