White Free-Range Turkey from Feighcullen Farm

Size: 5.5kg
Sale price€65,00


White Free Range Turkey 5.5kg - 7.5kg size available

The Gray Family--Billy & Anne Marie along with their children Marie, Aine, Emma and Billy Jr. run this family business.  

Feighcullen Farm believe in Sustainable Farming -- the practice of rearing livestock for food in such a way that is beneficial to both the consumer and animal alike in terms of health and welfare as well as the environment.  Sustainable farming treats workers, consumers, animals and our environment with respect.  It’s all about give and take!

As a sustainable farm, Feighcullen endeavour to create their own eco-system, putting back into the environment what they take out. Believing that they should encourage and utilise what the environment naturally provides but replenish where possible to ensure resources such as water, soil and air are conserved, preserved and readily available for generations to come.  In addition, sustainable agriculture seeks to minimize transportation costs and fossil fuel use, and is as locally-based as possible.

Why Feighcullen turkeys & geese are the best you can get?  It's because they are...

  • allowed to roam freely in the fields each day & are housed in spacious barns on straw bedding with natural light and ventilation each night;

  • fed on a natural, cereal-based diet including home grown wheat and oats

  • not given drugs and do not use growth promoting additives

  • fed cereal-based rations that are GM free

  • bred specially for Christmas and allowed to mature slowly over a 22 week period; this allows the White turkeys to develop a good layer of fat under the skin.  This extra layer of fat retains moisture when cooking and provides a fuller richer flavour and succulent texture.

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